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Center for International and Professional Experience
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Fellowship Programs

Staff list
Fellowship Programs is the primary office on campus dedicated to helping Yale College students and alumni with all aspects of the fellowship process.

To make an appointment with a Fellowship Programs adviser, please see funding.yale.edu/contact/make-appointment.
Name Email
Robert Clough r.clough@yale.edu
Emma-Jane Rose emma.rose@yale.edu

Independent Activities, Y-VISP, and the International Summer Award

Staff list
Advising is available for students preparing for an independent summer internship, study, or research activity, or for students who are seeking funding through the International Summer Award.
Name Email
Katie Bell kathryn.bell@yale.edu

Study Abroad

Staff list
Study Abroad advisers can help you identify goals for study abroad and guide you through thoughtful program selection. Advisers will also go over the application, credit transfer and financial aid processes with you.
Name Email
Ruth Clifford ruth.clifford@yale.edu
Susan Evans susan.evans@yale.edu
Kelly McLaughlin kelly.mclaughlin@yale.edu
Kathy Trputec kathy.trputec@yale.edu

Office of Career Strategy

Staff list
General career and professional school advising is available to Yale College students and alumni. Advisers are available to discuss your career-related strengths, interests, and goals. To request an appointment, please visit the Appointment/Calendar Tab of the Office of Career Strategy Symplicity System.
Name Email
Office of Career Strategy careerstrategy@yale.edu

HPAP Health Professions Evaluation Interviews

Staff list
Health Professions Evaluation (HPE) Interviews are provided to Yale College juniors, seniors and alumni applying to medical or dental school in the 2017-2018 application cycle who have not interviewed previously. Click on a name to select an HPE interview date and time.
Name Email
Kathryn Dzurilla kathryn.dzurilla@yale.edu
Archer Hamidzadeh archer.hamidzadeh@yale.edu
Jia Huang jia.huang@yale.edu
Valerie Louise Luks valerie.luks@yale.edu
Sophia Elizabeth Mallet sophia.mallet@yale.edu
Amy McCarthy amy.mccarthy@yale.edu
Carina Minardi carina.minardi@yale.edu
Amanda Eve Nederlof amanda.nederlof@yale.edu
Brianna Olamiju brianna.olamiju@yale.edu
Andi Shahu andi.shahu@yale.edu
Laurel Tainsh laurel.tainsh@yale.edu
Yao Wong yao.wong@yale.edu
Bianca Yuh bianca.yuh@yale.edu