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Study Abroad: Yale Summer Session in Auvillar: Studio Practice in Painting & Drawing (HUMS S256)
Auvillar, France
Program Terms: Summer
Read the program description to learn more about the application process.
Website: Click to visit
Program Budget: Summer
Quick Facts:
 Type of Activity:
Study Abroad
 Class Standing at Time of Enrollment:
1 first semester freshman, 1.5 second semester freshman, 2 first semester sophomore, 2.5 second semester sophomore, 3 first semester junior, 3.5 second semester junior, 4 first semester senior, 4.5 second semester senior, graduate or professional student, other
 Fields of Study:
Studio & Performing Arts
 Program Language(s):
Program Description:

No longer accepting applications for the 2014 summer.

YSS in Auvillar, France
Yale Summer Session at the Institute for Studio Studies, YSS @ ISS
HUMS S256: Studio Practice in Paintings & Drawing (Group II)

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Program Dates: Saturday May 31 - Saturday June 28, 2014    

Prerequisite: None, though discussion with faculty is mandatory. (Please email Professor Robert Reed, Jr.:

Funding: Yale students on financial aid are eligible for the International Summer Award (ISA). 
(Please be aware the ISA has a cap of $10,000.) Students from other universities should consult their financial aid offices.

Expenses: Participants are responsible for all costs of the program except materials which are supplied by the program. Materials include everything necessary for the duration of the four week session.  A breakdown of the program budget can be found by clicking on "Program Budget" link here or at the top of the page.

The Institute for Studio Studies was founded to provide a progressive alternative in studio education abroad. It has its roots in a program started in 1975. It focuses on the study of drawing and painting as vehicles for a broader understanding of how the artist's studio practice can be a template for the study of other disciplines. Central to this study are strategies for the making, observation and discussion of work. Participants are considered resident Fellows of the Institute.

Course Description: Open to both Yale and non-Yale students from liberal arts and fine arts backgrounds with or without prior experience. STUDIO PRACTICE is an intensive study of painting and drawing focusing on the dynamics of the artist's studio practice of developing and constructing work. It is crafted for those who wish to study and experience the intimate process of personal idea imaging through the language of painting and drawing. Of great importance to the course is the development of strategies necessary for individual discovery, observation/analysis,and relational thinking. The residential program demands commitment, a strong work ethic and study within a 24/7 curriculum*. All applicants should consult Robert Reed prior to completing the online application. 
Enrollment is limited to 15 participants. 2 credits *All materials and equipment are provided.

Instructor: Robert Reed, Professor of Art and associates (

Housing Abroad: All students live in two large residences, called "gîtes" in French. One gîtes is physically attached to the studio itself and the other is only a few feet away. This allows easy access to the studios and facilitates the demands of the program. The gîtes have facilities for cooking, gathering and a shared laundry in one of the locations. The program includes 5 dinner seminar meals each week at the Café du Tourisme. All other meals during the week and on the weekends will be the responsibility of the student. Meals other than the group dinners are usually prepared in the gîtes or taken at local restaurants.

Trips & Activities: This program emphasizes residency consequently all plans to travel should be made either before or after the program, and any guests should plan to visit only during the last week of the program during the final program activities. Students are responsible for housing their guests in hotels or in other living arrangements, as guests are not allowed in the student housing. Recognizing the need to provide supportive alternative activities during the demanding session, the faculty organizes events meant to offer cultural enrichment and a renewal of energy.

Application Process: Apply through the Center for International Experience website.
Application fee: $55  Application opens: December 15, 2013 Application deadline: February 15, 2014

Airfare: Participants are responsible for booking their own airfare or transportation to and from the program. Substantial savings can be had with early bookings. Any and all travel plans should be made to convene at the Toulouse Blagnac Airport in Toulouse, France by 5pm, Saturday, May 31. Bus transportation will then be provided to Auvillar which is 80 kilometers away. Travel arrangements home should be made for Saturday, June 28 after 7:00pm.

Passport/Visa: Students are responsible for obtaining a passport and researching if a visa is needed.  (U.S. citizens do not require a visa for this program.)  If a student requires a visa and needs supporting documents from the Study Abroad office, they must give the office at least a week's notice in preparing those documents for them.

Pre-departure Orientation: A mandatory pre-departure orientation will be held for this program for Yale-based students.

Questions: Questions regarding course content and further articulation of the Auvillar experience should be directed to Robert Reed,  For general program questions contact the Study Abroad staff:


YSS @ ISS Alumni Fellows currently in the Yale community

Name College Email Class
Rebecca Aston MORSE 2014
Zachary Bell PIERSON 2014
Isabel Bird CALHOUN 2014
Wesley Chavis TRUMBULL 2014
Wonyong Chung SILLIMAN 2014
Kerry Clavadetscher CALHOUN 2014
Ngoc Doan EZRA STILES 2014
Gustavo Gordilio .............. 2010
Ilana Harris-Babou BRANFORD 2013
Michelle Ho .............. 2011
Ashley Ison EZRA STILES 2014
Dominique Jefferson 2012
Julia Kittle-Kamp EZRA STILES 2015
Shan Kuang ............. 2011
Jacqueline Lee MORSE 2014
Lydia Martin 2012
Hannah Mendlowitz 2012
Adam Mohamed DAVENPORT 2013
Emily Monjaraz SAYBROOK 2014
Thao Phuong Nguyen TRUMBULL 2014
Larissa Pham CALHOUN 2014
Rachel Rosenberg 2012
Rebecca Schultz      

Dates and Deadlines:
Read the program description to learn more about the application process.
Read the program description to learn more about the application process.